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A mutant.

Mutants are the victims of Axel Capek's cruel experimenting.


The mutant's flesh is mutilated and torn in places, and some limbs appear deformed. They also seem bent over and sometimes obese. Mutants come in two variants: one with reddish-brown skin, and one with whitish-brown skin. Both have different attacks; the reddish-brown type will punch the player twice, while the whitish-brown type will slap the player with both hands at the same time.


Like the Reapers, Mutants will start to run around when they see the player in an unreachable spot. Once they are able to reach the player, they will began to charge at them.

Mutants have 75 health points. An armor piercing bullet kills them in one shot. It is advised to use the pistol on them to save ammunition in your other weapons. Since they are humanoid, they are much easier to hit than the Reapers.

Mutants are rare. Only seven of them can be found. They first appear in Capek's Zoo. There are three of them in a cave area beyond a window; one with whitish-brown skin, and the other two with reddish-brown skin. A whitish-brown mutant can be found in the Nanotech Labs in a cage. Three more mutants can be found on the Space Station in the medical labs; two of them are whitish-brown, while the third is reddish-brown. The former are dead, while the later is alive.


  • The live mutant on the Space Station will not move. It will still attack you if you go too close or hurt it without killing it.