Red Faction Wiki
Mr. Toots
Faction Red Faction
Type Plasma Vaporize
Location Marauder State
Power High
Range Long
Rate of Fire Slow
Clip/Ammo 300 (500 Upgraded)

Mr. Toots is the name of one of the weapons in the game Red Faction: Armageddon. Mr. Toots shoots rainbow laser blasts out of his butt, like the Nyan Cat meme. Mr. Toots also has limited ammunition or gas in this case.

If his facial expressions are any indication, he doesn't seem to enjoy the experience when he's being fired. Otherwise he has a somewhat relaxed, contented look on his face when simply being carried around.

Highly accurate and extremely destructive, Mr. Toots can only be obtained after finishing the initial storyline once and he will appear as a weapon. The 'rainbow' that fires is produced as a laser and can destroy anything in its path. Enemies that are killed by this ray have a tendency to explode into a group of rainbows and butterflies that quickly disperse.


  • When Mr. Toots is on the floor like any other weapon you may find, he will still move as though he is being carried around.
  • There is another way to obtain Mr Toots. During the first mission where you help Marauders fend off the Plague, go as far as the shield appearing at the end. When the message "Hold ___ to Speak with Kara" appears, do not press it. Instead, face the doorway and look to the back corner of the room. You should see a door. Break it, and head inside. When you reach the end of the corridor, look down and destroy the floor. (Note: make sure you have full health) When you hit the floor, continue up the hall and break every door. When you reach a chasm, stand at the edge and a slab of floor should appear. You can carry on up this hall and destroy the final door (do NOT use impact.) When you get into this room, you will find a copy of Mr Toots on the floor and bunnies jumping in and out of holes. Destroy as many bunnies as you can to get +600 salvage. To all this, Darius will exclaim, "Holy Shit".
  • To fire Mr Toots, Darius will raise his tail up. Horses will do this before they 'leave their mark'.
  • Mr Toots shares ammunition with the Plasma Beam, so buying Infinite Ammunition for Plasma Beam will give you infinite Mr Toots.
  • Mr. Toots also appears in a video by freddiew on youtube, where Mr. Toots is won by Freddie over the internet, and proceeds to use his gaseous emissons to lay waste to cars, people and buildings.
  • Mr. Toots can be purchased as an Xbox Live Avatar prop for 240 MS points.
  • Mr. Toots' description "Fires a beam of magic and wonder" is likely a reference to the viral YouTube video "Charlie the Unicorn".
  • In Saints Row: The Third the military logo is Mr.Toots.