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Mount Vogel
Region Tharsis, Mars
Landmarks Ultor-Era Accelerator
Inhabitants Uninhabited

Mount Vogel is the snow-covered seventh sector of Tharsis, located north-east of the capital sector of Eos. It is mostly uninhabited for most of the terraforming period on Mars carried out by the Earth Defence Force. The sector is littered with structures left over from the Ultor Corporation before the First Martian Uprising. One such structure is the Accelerator, a former Ultor nanotechnology site which is maintained by the Marauders.

Required Sector Missions[]


  • The sector may be named after Dane Vogel, CEO of the Ultor Corporation in Saints Row 2 before he was executed by the leader of the 3rd Street Saints.
  • Despite it being a sector of Mars and clearly being visible on the main map, it is not identified on the main map and is treated as not being there.