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Missile Pod
Faction Marauders
Type Rocket Launcher
Power High
Range Low-Medium
Rate of Fire Medium-High
Clip/Ammo 3
Fire Semi-Automatic
Melee Average

The Missile Pod was a Marauder weapon utilized in the Battle of Mariner Valley.


It was essentially like the Rocket Launcher, but different in that did less damage, had a far greater rate of fire and did not need to reload after every shot thanks to its three barrels. Furthermore you could carry far greater ammo than the conventional Rocket Launcher, however, the drawback was its terrible accuracy. The rockets tend to veer off course, making it bad for taking out aircraft unless you were up on a high ledge.

Like many Marauder weapons, it had lethal bayonets attached to the front for melee combat.

Following Samanya deflect from Marauders. The missile pod had been pierce into Combat Walker as the main weapon, making it a formidable vehicle.

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