Military Heavy Armored Tank
Heavy Tank RF2.JPG
Faction Commonwealth
Red Faction
Type Tank
Purpose Armor Support
Location Earth
Weapons 80mm Cannon

20mm Machine Gun

The Military Heavy Armored Tank is a large battle tank used by the Commonwealth during the Commonwealth Civil War.

The Tank is a very large and heavily armored tank with a heavy cannon and a mounted LMG. Red Faction members Shrike and Alias hijacked one of these Tanks and used it to launch an assault on Sopot's Citadel and gain entrance to the compound.

Description[edit | edit source]

These Depleted uranium-armored tanks run on titanium-plated trends and are heavily fortified vehicles. What there lack in speed they make up with firepower. A SOP-6AC Chain-Gun serves as the primary weapon, and can discharge the armor-piercing 20mm rounds. The alternate means of fire, the forward mounted SOP-80mm Mortar weapon, launches shells that can explode on impact. These highly explosive mortar rounds are capable taking the large sections of buildings with their blasts.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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