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Martian State
Location Tharsis, Mars
Allies Earth Defense Force (until 2125), Marauders (from 2125)
Enemies Red Faction (until 2125), Marauders (until 2125)

The Martian State was a planetary state on Mars under the control of the Red Faction after the Second Martian Revolution in 2125, where it became known as the Red Faction State.

The Martian State had been a puppet state of the Earth Defense Force prior. The Martian State in this period was heavily influenced by Earth based corporations that exploited Mars and it's people for resources. The Martian State had claimed that it was working for Mars and it's people but this was just a front to legitimize their exploitation of the planet.

The Martian State was eventually dissolved and replaced by the Red Faction and shared Mars with the Marauder State.


The Martian Council was the official governing body of Mars, headquartered in Tharsis. Though in reality it had no power, complying with any and all orders from the EDF.