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Mariner Valley
Region Tharsis, Badlands
Towns Marauder Town
Landmarks EDF Prison Camps
EDF Cliffside Outpost
Inhabitants Ultor Corporation (formerly), Earth Defense Force, Marauders

Mariner Valley is an area somewhere within the Badlands with a high population of Marauders and had a large Earth Defense Force presence. It was the site of the Battle of Mariner Valley, a conflict prior to the Second Martian Revolution which could also be defined as part of it depending on your definition, due to this long and bloody conflict the Valley was eventually abandoned by both the Marauders and the EDF.

Required Sector Missions[]

  • Rescue
  • Retribution
  • Redemption

Behind the Scenes[]

Valles Marineris (known in-game by the English translation, Mariner Valleys) is a gargantuan canyon system on Mars, east of Tharsis. Measuring at more than 4,000 kilometers long, 200 kilometers wide, and up to 7 km deep at points, Valles Marineris is larger than any surface canyon on Earth, and is the second largest geographic feature on Mars, after the Tharsis Bulge[1] to the west.