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Marauder Nano Rifle
Marauder Nano Rifle.jpg
Faction Marauder
Type Special rifle with plasma
Location Mars

The Marauder Nano Rifle is a successor to the Nano Rifle wielded by Alec Mason during the Second Martian Revolution. Designed by the Marauders, it is mass-produced and utilised by both them and the Cultists. Due to the production of beyond. Thus, the conflict of Cultist War becomes a turning tide for the Cultists to allowing them to defeat the Red Faction after destroying the Terraformer and releasing the Plague alien for the the long slumber ever since ages.


  • The rifle is very effective against many enemies alike such as Plague and Cultists with the combination of Berserk from the ability of Nano Forge, it can fire much faster to vaporize enemies in no time.