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Marauder Conflict (2117-2125)
Location Tharsis, Mars
Sides Marauders
Earth Defence Force
Commanders Marauders

Earth Defense Force

Key Engagements Battle of Mariner Valley
Outcome Initial stalemate, but joint Red Faction-Marauder victory in the second phase

The Marauder Conflict is the extended conflict between the Marauders and Earth Defense Force, Earth's military, during and prior to the Second Martian Revolution, though from certain perspectives this conflict could actually be viewed as part of the revolution, they could also be viewed as contemporaneous conflicts.


Saul Marius, an EDF Commander that Vasha ordered killed

Hostilities between the Marauders and the Earth Defence Force begin long before the resurrection of the Red Faction had even begin under Hugo Davies, raging in the remote Mariner Valley for years.

The Battle for Mariner Valley is long and bloody, but it is likely that the Marauders eventually prevail, pyrrhically. They push out the EDF into central Tharsis but themselves retreate deeper into the outskirts of Tharsis (The Irradiated Zone) likely because they could not sustain another battle as badly as the one in Mariner Valley.

The Marauder- EDF War becomes progressively more interlinked to the Second Martian Revolution as the Red Faction liberated Parker and moved Dust. By the end of the war, with the Red Faction-Marauder pact and the Battle of Mount Vogel among other things, the two conflicts had indisputably collided and merged.


  • During the Battle of Mount Vogel, Vasha and a group of Marauders guarding the summit end of the accelerator at the top of the mountain are killed by EDF soldiers that landed on the mountain.