Red Faction Wiki
Faction Marauders
Type Super-Heavy Mech
Weapons Napalm Laser
Seats 2

The Mantis or Marauder Heavy Walker, is a walker designed by the Marauder state for heavy assault actions and used during the Plague Armageddon.


Extremely durable and armed with powerful repulsor fields, these hulking vehicles could take extreme punishment. It's six legs give it a measure of extra safety and security in the event of some of their destruction in combat, overuse or taxing terrain. Combined with their rockets and napalm laser, the Mantis is perhaps the most deadly mechanized vehicle on Mars and a terror to all in its path.

The Mantis is not solely utilized by the Marauders as Adam Hale, leader of a fanatical Marauder breakaway group, uses one in an attempt to kill Darius Mason. How the Cultists acquired one is not known, but Darius himself is later given one by the Marauders in a bid to take out the Plague Queen.


  • Light weaponry has no effect on The Mantis; there are two ways in which you can immobilize the The Mantis.
  • A: you use heavy explosives, this will take some time to do due to its shield,  
  • B: you would need to find an electric current to down its shield, although this effect is temporary. It slows The Mantis down.


  • The Walker is an Xbox Live avatar prop that can be purchased for 240 MS points.