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Mandril Shrike
Affiliation Commonwealth
Red Faction
Appears in Red Faction II
Voiced by Jason Statham

Mandril Shrike, is a member of a squad of nano-enhanced supersoldiers under the command of Victor Sopot and the Commonwealth. After having been betrayed by Sopot, the squad thate joined work to overthrow him and are ultimately successful in this objective. Crate Molov, the squad leader, takes over the Commonwealth in a lust for power, and Shrike joins the Red Faction alongside Alias and Tangier to fight against their former friend.



In 2078, Shrike is the air support for Sopot's assault on the Kn.A.N.O. facility. He flies a Sopot Gunship, and is shown with blue-black hair and a cone-shaped beard. He also extracts Alias during the facility's destruction.

After the mission, he alongside Alias, Molov, Quill, Tangier and Repta are experimented with the Nanotechnology to be enhanced super soldiers under the command of Sopot, however, Sopot fears their potential and orders them to be purged, they manage to escape and ally themselves with Earth's Red Faction.

Commonwealth Civil War[]

In 2080, during the battle of the Commonwealth, Shrike, now older and sporting blue hair and a blue cone-shaped beard, drops the Squad off at a dock using a boat, with Molov introducing him as "a man built with a taste for speed".

He is then said to get rid of the boat and use his own customized Gunship instead. This one, however, requires a Gunner, instead of an automatic weapon system. As Alias fights his way to the Rooftop, alongside the other squad members, he attempts to pick him up, but is scared off by other Gunships.

After Sopot's Gunship comes in to extract him, Alias single-handedly scares him off, and Shrike comes in to extract him and pursue Sopot. Alias and Shrike pursue Sopot, and run into the corrupt Sopot City Police Department alongside many buildings. They also destroy afew other Gunships, two Dropships, and a Gunship Refueling Station. The two then fly lower to assist Red Faction fighters in the streets. They destroy a Military Convoy and a Battle Armor, and also assist in the battle of a few Processed before crashing in the streets. After crashing, it is unknown where he went. He likely escaped the chaos. After Quill and Alias destroyed the Subway bridge, Alias comes out of a sewer. Shrike awaits him in a Sopot Tread Tank. After getting Information about Sopot heading to the Citadel, the Tank, gunned by Alias, crushes Sopot's forces as it rolls through the town. Sopot's forces failed to outcome the Squad's power once again. They also encounter Processed Civilians, who also fall under the tank's power. Shrike once again crashes the vehicle, and disappears without a trace. Though Shrike, as with the Gunship's crash, is not seen after the Tank's crash, it is likely Quill assisted him as he went through the base on his own, and eventually stole a Gunship.

After Molov's Declaration of Loyalty to the Commonwealth, Shrike is nowhere to be found. Tangier talks about him as she and Alias are in the Submarine, still stating he is an enemy as with Repta and Quill.

After the refunding of the Nano Elite, Molov attempts to get extracted by Shrike, but he revealed he is still on the good side, He assists Alias in the Final Showdown against Molov, and after it is finished, he extracted his friend as the Statue collapses.


Ending 1 (Best): Shrike marries into a family of circus performers and makes his fortune as the star attraction at a theme park built on the remains of Sopot Island.

Ending 2 (Good): Shrike becomes a pilot for the reformed civilian Air Fleet of the Commonwealth.

Ending 3 (Bad): Shrike is shot down, smuggling boot leg video games into the commonwealth.

Ending 4 (Worst): Shrike becomes homeless as he can't land a job, due to his psychological issues.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Shike has had the most changes made to him, since the E3 Demo. He initially had a much more manic voice and personality and spoke somewhat simply and childishly. Using quotes like 'Shrike sees baddies bellow!' when reporting his status. His gunship also has a different design, being painted blue with stripes, similar to his tattoos.


  • His name makes reference to the carnivore bird with the same name, better known as "the Butcher Bird".
  • Shrike is never seen outside of a vehicle in all the gameplay only in the cutscenes.
  • He maybe likes to use akimbo-type weapons, based on the artwork and the cinematics.
  • Shrike has unused in-game dialogue where he compliments the player when they make a kill.