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M.O.A.B Parker.jpeg
Faction Ultor Corporation - Formerly
Red Faction
Type Vehicle-mounted explosive
Power High
Range High
Rate of Fire One-time use
Special Has a very large explosion - comparable to a Thermobaric Rocket Launcher explosion

A M.O.A.B (Massive Ordnance Air Burst) Is an Ultor-era bomb in Red Faction: Guerrilla.


M.O.A.Bs were developed by the Ultor Corporation for unknown purposes. The bombs tested were to have a very large range and extreme damage; however, only a few were developed before the First Martian Revolution occurred. The stock of prototype bombs were lost during the revolution, but were recovered and put to use by the Red Faction during the Second Martian Revolution.

The M.O.A.Bs can only be recovered after three Radio Tags have been discovered. Once the required number is fulfilled, a single M.O.A.B will be located by satellite and marked on your map. When a vehicle is driven over a bomb, it will automatically arm itself to the vehicle and detonate upon the vehicle's destruction. The device is extremely useful for large-scale damage on target structures; they have the approximate damage and range of a Thermobaric rocket. However, they detonate when the vehicle is destroyed, regardless of environmental, accidental, or enemy damage, leaving it difficult to properly time the explosion.


  • It is helpful to attach at least a few Remote charges to the armed vehicle; this adds a way to trigger the M.O.A.B as well as provide extra firepower.
  • There are twelve bombs scattered in various sectors around Tharsis; it is possible that more exist, but are outside of the accessible gameplay area.
  • Do not use the Nano Rifle to disintegrate a vehicle that has the M.O.A.B attached, because the bomb will not explode, making it a waste.
  • when a MOAB armed vehicle explodes, it will drop an amount of scrap equal to the amount of hammer swings it would take to explode said vehicle, regardless if its an EDF vehicle or not