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Lucius Kobel

Kobel aboard the Hydra in orbit above Mars.

Born Earth
Died 2125
Orbit outside Mars
Affiliation Earth Defence Force
Appears in Red Faction: Guerrilla
Voiced by Charles Dennis

"Terminate all Red Faction insurgents."

-- Admiral Kobel ordering his men before launching the Hydra.

Admiral Lucius Kobel (unknown - 2125) was the main antagonist of Red Faction: Guerrilla, an admiral in the Earth Defence Force and the commander, as well as coincidentally the lead architect, of the Hydra. In the ship's first combat assignment, it annihilates a group of Central Asian rebels called RSPK, but in light of the worsening situation on Mars and the Earth Defence Council quickly losing faith in General Roth, it soon set course for the red planet.

His brief was to rid the surface of Red Faction insurgents, avoid unnecessary damage to industrial infrastructure and secure the Nano Forge for the EDF. Any civilian casualties were unimportant and with the situation so dire and the population so compromised that it was decided that starting fresh and exterminating all life on Mars was a better solution.

With so much at stake for Earth, the arrival of Kobel was the EDF's last play. He was given command of military operations on Mars over Roth, but despite flying the most powerful warship ever built to that point, upon entering Mars orbit he was helpless to the fate which befell him.

A communication came through from Alec Mason, the Red Faction leader of the moment since the death of Hugo Davies in the raid on the Badlands safehouse. He had just launched a missile from an EDF base atop Mount Vogel, which infused with nanite technology quickly destroyed the Hydra and disintegrated large chunks of its hull, killing Kobel and everyone inside and EDF intentions on Mars are foiled.