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Lockdown of Eos
Sides Earth Defence Force, Red Faction
Leaders EDF:
General Bertram Roth
Commander Hugo Davies
Location Eos, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome Red Faction Victory

The Lockdown of Eos is an Earth Defence Force action during the Battle of Eos and an attempt to force the citizens of the sector Eos to give up members of the Red Faction insurgency operating amongst them.


A growing support base among the population of the sector panicked the EDF. Edicts are passed telling people to stay indoors and that all travel is forbidden. They deploy snipers armed with rail drivers and sniper rifles on rooftops and in buildings, notably at the shops in Nestled Hills and at the Utopia Planitia Plaza, with orders to kill on sight. The aim is to starve the colonists, leaving them no choice but to betray the Red Faction. This is, among many others leading up to and during the Second Martian Revolution, one of the major clear-cut examples of the war crimes committed by the EDF. Many innocent civilians died, picked off by sniper fire.

The Red Faction commander, Hugo Davies, dispatches one of his most relied upon fighters, Alec Mason, to eliminate the snipers and stop the EDFs plan before the organisation is compromised.