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The Light Walker is the fastest and most common walker of the three.


It is equipped with jump jets for short air travel. Its main weapons are its two arms equipped with claws. Although small and rather unimpressive, these vehicles are capable of massive amounts of destruction for their size and can take a reasonable amount of punishment.

Side-swipes from the arms have the ability to flip some vehicles over, making short work of turret gunners.

Smashing with the arms combined with non-stop walking will make quick work of small to medium buildings. Larger buildings may require more planning or a different vehicle, based on the amount of damage the walker is likely to take.

Although not greatly suited for large scale demolition light walkers can easily handle non-tank EDF vehicles and troops. Troopers may require more attention while acclimating to the light walker's controls to ensure blows don't miss, be wary of large groups of troopers while using the light walker. One drone won't do much but 15+ can seriously damage a walker in an impressively short amount of time.


  • At the construction site in Eos (dual towers with indestructible rebar).
  • At multiple "Demolition Master" missions.
  • Near some EDF Garages.
  • Some "Heavy Metal" Missions.
  • Around Oasis the Light walker spawns somewhere near Three smokestacks

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  • In terms of design, the Light Walker appears to be derive from the Power Loaders from the film, Aliens.