Kuroari LLC is a Japanese multinational corporation with a well-established presence in mining operations on Mars. In addition to ore mining, Kuroari also has it's hands in industrial manufacturing and terraforming (the Kuroari Mohole). Vehicles and walkers owned by Kurorai feature a red and white paint scheme with the company logo noticeably placed. Kuroari owns a sizable portion of the Oasis Sector including the factory complex. The company logo is an arch over a semicircle. During the Uprising their stock was worth 99.27 credits, down by 4.27%.

Kuroari is the manufacturer of the Sledgehammer, Remote Charges, and Jetpack.

Divisions[edit | edit source]

Industries[edit | edit source]

Terraforming[edit | edit source]

Wholesale[edit | edit source]

Operations on Mars[edit | edit source]

Parker[edit | edit source]

Kuroari Industries operates an ore processing facility in Parker, buying raw ore mined by local independent contractors, refining it into applicable material, and loading it on trucks to send to Oasis for manufacturing purposes.

Dust[edit | edit source]

Kuroari Terraforming is present in Dust to a lesser degree than their competitor AmRukuo. They have dug a Mohole in Northwestern Dust and operate a communications station there for the EDF. Convoys will leave this location to bring supplies to the Chem Depot in southern Dust, suggesting that Kuroari does business with AmRukuo either as equal partners or on demand by the EDF.

Oasis[edit | edit source]

Kuroari is highly active in Oasis with a size-able ownership of the Industrial Park and many other properties in the sector. With multiple factories, Kuroari Industries operates four smokestacks. Their Industry and Terraforming Division work in tandem to make the Sector one of the most Earth-like on Mars. Along with deuterium storage, they even have agricultural farming. Finally Kuroari operates a local bus transportation network and likely manufactures Terran cars.

Eos[edit | edit source]

Kuroari's operations in Eos reflect EDF administrative and logistical needs. They operate a substantial loading yard in the Northern reaches of the sector to deliver cargo to EDF Central Command. Kuroari also owns multiple civilian stores and a bus transportation network in Eos. It's likely that their main offices on Mars is based here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kuroari is Japanese for "worker ant".
  • Kuroari is registered as a Limited Liability Corporation which in Japan would be a Godo Gaisha, GK.
  • The Kuroari Corporation may be based on the Toyota Corporation, a major automotive and industrial machine manufacturer of the 20th and 21st Centuries.
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