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Kidnapping of Joseph Broga
Sides Earth Defence Force

Red Faction

Leaders EDF

Red Faction

Location The Badlands, Tharsis, Mars
Outcome Red Faction Victory
  • Red Faction successful getting the information how to get past the Free Fire Zone
  • Liberate Badlands begins

The Kidnapping of Joseph Broga is a Red Faction operation during the Battle of the Badlands in the Second Martian Revolution.


A number of insurgents including Alec Mason, Carmen Avila and Jon Kepler launch a surprise attack on the Earth Defense Force convoy carrying Colonel Joseph Broga, killing its guards in a short skirmish and hijacking his staff car. The Colonel is then driven away whilst being pursued by land vehicles and EDF Gunships.

During the trip which venture into Oasis, he is interrogated by Carmen about the Free Fire Zone and the information obtained eventually allows the Red Faction to bypass it and move into Eos.

After they have the information they required they ditch the car and it falls into the Mohole, with Broga still inside.