Kid Parker
Died c. 2167
Affiliation Adam Hale

Kid Parker is the leader of a band of mercenaries, which among others included Lonny and Wyatt. He is hired by Adam Hale, the leader of the Cultists, to sabotage the Robinson Crater Bridge and steal a shipment of Red Faction armaments being moved across it.

For whatever reason, Hale went back on this arrangement.

He is quickly tracked down to his hideout by a LAV belonging to the Red Faction. In the ensuing skirmish the rest of his gang are killed, though not without inflicting a heavy toll. He himself is killed shortly afterwards by Darius Mason.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Arrangement with Hale[edit | edit source]

Looking for the munitions required to wage a successful war against the colonists, Hale is eager for powerful weaponry at the disposal of the Colonist state in order to even the odds. He hires Kid Parker to waylay a train crossing the Robinson Crater Bridge and steal the weapons aboard.

Once the cargo had been acquired, however, the Cultist leader no longer needs it. It is possible that he had hacked into the Ultor database kept by the Archivists by this point and discovered what is hidden in it; reports relating to the MASTers Expedition of 2067, the Plague and the experiments of Axel Capek. He wouldn't need to win the war to achieve his aims, he just had to destroy the terraformer.

Stealing the Robinson Crater Weapons Shipment[edit | edit source]

Hale and his crew blew up the bridge, plunging the train crossing to the crater floor below. They killed any survivors they found, and then located the weapons, loading them onto the back of an eight-wheeler truck.

They flee the site of the Robinson Crater Disaster, but the incident has been picked up by a near by group of Red Faction.

Firefight with the Red Faction[edit | edit source]

Kid Parker killing Mariner

Followed to the rendezvous and stood up by the Cultists, Kid finds himself arrayed against a small party of Red Faction soldiers lead by Darius Mason. Of his four assailants, two die in the course of the battle; one of which, Jim Mariner, he executes with his own pistol.

Nonetheless, his own men fall one by one until all that is left is himself. Darius kills him, crushing him between two magnetized floating rocks.

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