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Jonathan "Jon" Kepler is a member of the Red Faction and one of it's top operatives, who fights alongside Hugo Davies, Alec Mason, Carmen Avila and Samanya in the Second Martian Uprising.


Former employee of AmRuKuo Corporation,[1] Kepler was instrumental in helping survivors of the Chryse Incident get away from the EDF units under Joseph Broga. His knack for vehicles and tactical planning was instrumental in the early days of the Red Faction, especially rescuing Hugo Davies from the EDF Detention Center he was caught in. Aside from special missions, Kepler coordinated guerrilla attacks and diversionary actions to keep the EDF off-balance.

Kepler personally drove the vehicle in the mission to kidnap high ranking EDF Officer Joseph Broga and gain information on the Free Fire Zone. Although the mission was successful and the Red Faction deployed to the Eos sector, Kepler was killed shortly afterwards during the raid on the safehouse in the Badlands, after a traitorous tip-off from Jenkins.



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