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Interception is a guerrilla action featured in Red Faction: Guerrilla.


Interception is a radio tag mission where the player has to intercept an EDF informat carrying critical information. The informat's vehicle is showed with a yellow arrow, so it's easy to spot. If the player is not careful enough the informat can notice him/her and begins to flee. If the informat escapes the mission is over but it will be respawned a few minutes later. If the player successfully kills the informat, he drops a briefcase containing the data. When it's picked up the alert status goes to the highest status and the player has to lose the alert level in order to complete the mission. The best way is to lose the heat is to go to the nearest safehouse. Once the mission is completed the player will be rewarded with morale boost. Interception missions can only be completed once per sector. However if the player completes the story just like other guerrilla actions it will be respawns and can be replayed many times.