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Inferno GX

Inferno GX landing at a Marauder settlement during the Plague Armageddon.

Faction Marauders


Type Attack Gunship
Purpose Ground Attack, Transport
Location Mars
Weapons Rapid-Fire Cannon

Blossom Missiles

Seats 3 (1 pilot, 2 passenger)

The Inferno GX, or Marauder Flyer, is an air-support gunship developed by the Marauder state with the intended capacity to operate anywhere including the subterranean caverns of Mars.


The Flyer possesses a rapid fire cannon and blossom missiles which gives it a quite deadly reputation. It's design appears to be adapted from the old EDF AAX Raven gunship model, but upgraded with modern weaponry.


  • In Tip Of The Spear, a Path To War mission, an Inferno GX is seen shooting three Singularity Cannon projectiles, suggesting that they can be outfitted with such a weapon. This is only a scripted event, however.