Red Faction Wiki
Hendrix full view.jpg
Born Earth
Died Killed by explosive device
Affiliation Ultor Corporation
Red Faction
Appears in Red Faction
Voiced by Loredo Sheperd

Hendrix is the deuteragonist of Red Faction a former Ultor technician and secretly a member of Red Faction.


He provides help for Parker by notifying him of things that he needs to do and problems ahead. In the beginning of Red Faction, Parker is contacted by Hendrix solely through messages received in the HUD (Heads Up Display). However, towards the end of Red Faction, he is found in the Mercenary Complex, hacking security systems and coordinating the efforts of Red Faction squads. He is killed by an explosive device in the Mercenary Complex in the Ultor Mining Complex. Due to his bravery and service to the Red Faction, the Capital Building of EDF-controlled Mars is named after him.


  • Due to his heroic acts against Ultor Corporation, the Hall in the Eos Sector is named after him.
  • Hendrix bears resemblance to actor Denzel Washington.