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Harrington Memorial Bridge
Location The Badlands, Tharsis, Mars
Builders Presumably Earth Defence Force
Construction/Materials Man-made

The Harrington Memorial Bridge is an iconic bridge built by the Earth Defence Force in the Badlands. It is very strong and solid, and is often used by EDF convoys.

Being built in the lawless wastes of the Badlands, the building had to be very resistant to conventional attack lest the Marauders launched an attack against it. It does, however, have several structural weaknesses such as the junction of its load-bearing beams on its underside.

During the Second Martian Revolution the bridge does eventually fall at the hands of Alec Mason who through use of the aforementioned structural weaknesses collapses large portions of the bridge by the Nano Rifle. The stressed structures pull the remaining sections down leaving only the heavy cement pillars that once held the bridge in place. The EDF are forced to reroute many convoys though less safe areas of the Badlands allowing the Red Faction and the Marauders to steal supplies from the EDF.