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RFG gutter.jpg
Faction Marauders
Type Melee
Location Melee marauders drop this when killed
Power High
Range Low
Rate of Fire Low
Special One-hit kill infantry
Clip/Ammo N/A
Fire N/A

The Gutter is a Melee weapon from Marauders for close-combat.


Developed by the reclusive Marauder warrior culture, the name said it all. A brutal weapon, its design was reflective of its creators: violent and gruesome. The Marauders had developed a unique fighting style for using it, to compensate for the Gutter’s size and balance. Able to cut through armor like butter, it was a formidable weapon indeed.

The Gutter is a halberd - that is to say, a weapon with the length of a spear but with a head shaped like an axe. While the Gutter was a powerful weapon, it was very slow.

Another similar weapon was used by the Marauders, notably during the fighting in the Battle of Mariner Valley, called the Impaler which was arguably better than the Gutter in that it was also much more effective against buildings and could slice right through them.


When Darius Mason uses this weapon, his attack animation is slightly different from when Marauders use it.

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