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Guerrilla Actions are various side quests featured in Red Faction: Guerrilla.


The guerrilla actions are various side activities available right after the prologue mission. If the player complete a guerrilla action he/she will be awarded with salvage. Upon completing a set number of guerrilla action the player will unlock different achievements, weapons and upgrades available in the shop. Most of these side activites can be seen marked on the map. After liberating a sector most of the side activities becomes unavailble in the sector, excluding: Demolition Masters and Transporter. However once the player completed the story every side activity becomes available again and can be replayed infinitie times.

In the Demons of the Badlands DLC the guerrilla action is renamed to marauder action. They still retain the same kind of side missions encountered in the base game, however most of them are much more challangeing than the ones found in the vanilla game.

Radio Tag missions:[]

These missions are not marked on the map but the player will contacted via radio when one is available. But these missions have a time limit. If the player ignore or fail one not to worry, they will respawn in a few minutes later. Like to other guerrilla actions, once a sector is liberated, all unfinished missions will become inactive until the story is completed.

Icon of an undiscovered guerrilla action.

Guerrilla Action types:[]

Radio Tag mission types:[]

Guerrilla Action unlocks:[]

  • 2 Guerrilla Actions: Ore Additive upgrade
  • 5 Guerrilla Actions: "Insurgent" Achievement, Proximity Mines
  • 8 Guerrilla Actions: Personnel Detector upgrade
  • 12 Guerrilla Actions: Grinder weapon, Quantum Multiplier upgrade for the Singularity Bombs
  • 25 Guerrilla Actions: "Guerrilla" Achievement, Stone breaker melee weapon
  • 35 Guerrilla Actions: Shattermaster melee weapon
  • 50 Guerrilla Actions: "Freedom Fighter" Achievement
  • 100 Guerrilla Actions: "Revolutionary" Achievement