Red Faction Wiki
RFG grinder.jpg
Faction Red Faction
Type Abnormal
Power Medium-High
Range Medium
Rate of Fire Low-Medium
Special Iron Sight

The Grinder fires razor sharp discs at high velocity. Another weapon created by the Red Faction from salvaged parts, the motor needs to charge briefly before it’ll shoot, so take that into account.


The disks are deadly against EDF soldiers or individual combatants in multiplayer, but won’t cause much damage to structures, vehicles, or objects. Once upgraded to be explosive it is very effective against EDF troops in vehicle turrets. At extreme distances the ballistic discs will begin to slowly lose velocity and descend to the ground.

Discs are one hit kills on most standard troopers up to and including Hard difficulty. At the Insane difficulty setting, it takes two or more hits. Combined with its relatively low rate of fire, the loss of one-hit kill ability means the un-upgraded Grinder loses much of its efficiency on the highest difficulties, and is not a viable weapon there. 


  • Also of note, when shooting the tire of a vehicle, the standard disc will explode and act much like that of a disc with the explosive upgrade, even if that upgrade has not been purchased yet.
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