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Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher RF2.jpg
Faction Sopots Military
Nanotech Enhanced Forces
Type Single shot
Location Earth

The Grenade Launcher is an explosive weapon used by Sopot's military and Red Faction during the Commonwealth Civil War. The weapon itself is unusable by the player and can be only picked up as ammo for the grenade-type weapons.


The Grenade Launcher itself has no name in-game, but can be seen used by the Sopot's Security and Military forces. Also the weapon appears in the concept art section. The weapon appears to be a single-shot only launcher, as it does not feature a magazine.

It is possible that the weapon have been meant to be obtainable by the player, but it was cut - likely because it would have been obsolete since the NGL-8 Nano Grenade Launcher is already available and thus, as the latter is a better weapon.

In spite of its unavailability, the weapon still acts like the NGL-8, it is powerful and dangerous when in close range resulting in one health kit being used or a one hit kill.


  • In the concept art section (weapon concept 27), the Grenade Launcher is named the MRK-39 Grenade Launcher.