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Gauss Turret
Faction Earth Defence Force
Type Plasma Gun
Location Mars

The Gauss Turret is a turret type commonly used by the EDF.


Its appearance resembles two Gauss Rifles put together side by side and fires large blue bolts of energy that are larger and more powerful than those fired from a gauss rifle. The energy blasts are very effective against lightly armored targets and can also break down and destroy structures.

The Gauss Turret is less effective against enemy personnel, but still can get the job done. This turret takes no ammunition, instead it overheats if used excessively. The cooldown rate varies, depending on the model. This turret can be found on a stationary setup, or on a vehicle. The stationary version is usually found in an EDF bunker, but is less common than the Heavy Machine Gun Turret. The other version is found on EDF vehicles.


  • The Gauss Turret on Joseph Broga's Staff Car is enhanced, overheats less and does more damage than any other Gauss Turret in the game. This is to make the mission more balanced.

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