Free Fire Zone
Region Tharsis

The Free Fire Zone is a large restricted area to the northern end of the Parker sector which acts as a buffer zone between the capital sector of Eos, the crown jewel of the Earth Defence Force, and the rest of Tharsis.

The EDF Artillery Base to the north of the region has firing line over its entire extent, leaving the zone with small and huge craters by the gun blasts. Entering the zone unauthorized would result a death wish in a matter of seconds. Though certain blind spots did exist which allows the Red Faction to breach the defense line in the Second Martian Revolution. The range of the artillery at the artillery base is unknown, though it is used in the Shelling of Dust to cover the EDF withdrawal during the Battle for Dust.

It is also used back by the Red Faction against the EDF to protect the Marauder Convoy attempting to cross over Eos sector and eliminating the EDF remaining forces trying to reach the accelerator cannon in the Battle of Mount Vogel. The range of these huge guns is undeniably formidable.

Required Sector Missions Edit