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Frank Winters
Rank Sergeant
Born Before 2170
Affiliation Red Faction
Appears in Red Faction: Armageddon
Voiced by John Bentley

Frank Winters is the secondary tritagonist in Red Faction: Armageddon. He is a sergeant in the Red Faction who served in the Cultist Crisis of 2171 and the Plague Armageddon of 2175.


Frank is a close and personal friend of Darius Mason, he fights along side Darius for the battle of the Terraformer, afterwards admitting that the battle for the Terraformer wasn't entirely Mason's fault, and accepting some of the blame.

He plays the major role in the Plague Armageddon as the leader of the squad and civilian escape from the horrifying aliens massacre, thus leading them back to the heart of Bastion. However, it only leads to failure as he leads some of the remaining squad members toward the surface. He even suspects one of his friends to have to do something with it, but it is resolved afterward as it is Adam Hale tricking him into thinking that. At the same time, they are hiding out and creating temporarily bases for the Red Faction.

While fending off the aliens, they eventually reach into the Marauders' state, fending off successfully against the aliens and discussing a plan to end the nightmare. He and Darius then go to the backdoor to destroy the device that blocked by the lava where Queen lair is. While Kara and her Marauders fighting against horde of the aliens to get the Mantis Heavy Walker.

While at the queen lair, he leaves Kara and Darius Mason to handle themselves, while he and his whole faction have to defend the Marauder state.

Right after Darius defeats the Queen and fully restores the whole Terraformer, he then commands the forces of the Red Faction to secure the area and congratulates Darius for living out his family legacy and feeling sorry about Kara as he can't believe that she is dead. 


It is likely he will continue to lead the Red Faction after the events of the Plague Armageddon, possibly in the retaking of the Martian surface and the rebuilding of its settlements. To prevent the second outbreak he would also more than likely track down and dispose of any surviving Cultists and combat the Plague as it adapts to survive in the artificial atmosphere created by the rebuilt Terraformer.