Red Faction Wiki
1st Martian Revolution (2075 CE)

Red Faction militia engage forces loyal to the Ultor Corporation

Location Mars
Sides Factions:
Ultor Corporation
Mercenary Regiment
Red Faction
Earth Defence Force
Commanders Red Faction
Eos, Orion, Hendrix
Earth Defense Force
General Bryan Adams
Ultor Corporation
Axel Capek, Gryphon (defected to Red Faction)
Mercenary Regiment
Colonel Masako
Forces Red Faction
Earth Defence Force
Ultor Corporation
Security Force, Security Drones(Turrets Combat Robots and Plague creatures)
Mercenary Regiment
Outcome Red Faction-EDF victory
  • Ultor government toppled
  • EDF deployment on Mars

The First Martian Revolution, or as the EDF have referred to it, the Ultor Uprising, was a conflict that occurred on Mars in 2075, where a strike by miners develops into a full-fledged revolution against the oppressive Ultor Corporation. The miners form the Red Faction, a rag-tag militia organization led by the mysterious miner with the pseudonym 'Eos'. Their goal was to overthrow Ultor, but their soldiers were ill-equipped, untrained and badly-matched against the Ultor security forces in most engagements. [1][2]

As if by sheer force of will, and through the efforts of exceptional individuals such as Parker and Hendrix, the tide slowly turned on Ultor.[1]

During the course of the fighting, characters like Axel Capek, an insidious Ultor scientist, used his power in the corporation to experiment on miners and conduct research into "Nano Tech," creating beastly mutants and unleashing a plague upon the miners.[1][3]

As the tide turned on Ultor, they sought the aid of the Mercenary Regiment led by Colonel Masako, but the miners hold out until the Earth Defence Force came to their aid, overthrowing Ultor.[1]


The First Martian Revolution was initiated by the Red Faction, which at the time was a clandestine organization secretly building amongst the miners being exploited by the Ultor Corporation. Their leader and organizer was Eos and her most trusted Lieutenant was Orion.[1]

Opening Hostilities[]

Ultor reinforcements bound for M4 upon the outbreak of hostilities

The miners, weakened by forced labour, thinned by the plague and lacking military training, weren't much of a match for the security guards that opposed them. Ultor reinforcements quickly mobilised and were supported by Ultor's fearsome Armoured Personnel Carriers. Many die, but when the fighting first brakes out in M4, one captive miner distinguishes himself above all others; Parker fights his way single-handedly through Ultor Guards and, with the aid of Hendrix, a rebellious Ultor technician who has his own scores to settle, makes it past the Barracks to Miner Registration. An escaping detachment of Red Faction miners from M4 have hijacked an Ultor shuttle, but they don't get far before being incinerated by anti-air defense missiles.[1]

Another make-shift militia squad attempts to overrun a nearby Ultor Geothermal Power Plant, but again stood little chance against the superior might of their oppressors. Parker, having narrowly avoids being blown up, being the only other available asset in the area and fast proving his worth, was sent to finish their job. The sabotage was successful, and the future hero of the revolution escaped via the Submarine Bay.[1]

Operations Against Capek[]

It was at this point that the opening appeared to make a play for Ultor's Deputy Administrator. Eos contacts Parker and told him to meet Orion at the Ultor Administration. With instructions to infiltrate the facility, Parker successfully kidnaps Gryphon.[1]

Axel Capek, insidious Ultor Head Scientist

Escaping an Ultor repair facility, hijacking an Aesir Gunship, and making it to the Ultor Main Trash Disposal Facility bought Gryphon into Red Faction custody. Orion reappeares to pick up the prisoner and escort him to a Red Faction base of operations.[1]

Interrogation of the Ultor executive gave leads on the disease which has been spreading through the miner populace. The head scientist of the Ultor Corporation, Doctor Axel Capek, was the apparent source of the disease.[1]

A follow-up mission against the Medical Laboratories fails when the quarry escapes, protecting himself with an experimental nanotechnology force field. Pursuit into the cave network after Capek proves difficult thanks to his security detail and the Mutant Plague, creatures he creates after the MASTers Expedition in 2067 CE.[1][3]

Finally tracked down to his lab, Parker and Eos herself co-operate to capture Capek and find a cure for the disease. They launch the Raid on Capek's Lab and, after his capture, Eos stays behind to interrogate him.[1]

Mercenary Reinforcements[]

EDF Flyers forcing the Mercenaries into retreat

The conflict intensifies when the tide begins to sway against the Ultor Corporation, and they deploy the ruthless Mercenary Regiment they have in reserve. Taking over the frontline and replacing the Ultor security forces, Masako's mercenaries were armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry.[1]

Forced into a hopeless defence, the miners formulated a new plan to send a distress message to the Earth Defence Force. Parker was entrusted with sending the signal from the Communications Facility guarded by Mercenaries and then sabotaging the missile launch facility in order to protect EDF dropships. One last hurdle to clear the way for EDF intervention was the orbital Laser Satellite installation above Mars. Parker made it to a resupply shuttle and destroys the space station.[1]

Meanwhile down below battle raged between miner militia and the guards and mercenaries of Ultor. Parker rejoins the fight, but gets taken prisoner by the Mercenary Regiment. A Red Faction force rescues him, and he goes to kill Masako and disarm the bomb she set to wipe Tharsis off the face of Mars.[1]

Arrival of the Earth Defence Force[]

When the EDF arrive, they route all remaining mercenaries and guards Any hostile who fought back was overwhelmed by the skill, numbers and firepower of the EDF. Although it was not bloodless on the EDF side, the EDF War Memorial in Eos testament to this, their victory was crushing.[1]

Mars was freed and the First Martian Revolution was over.[1]


The EDF War Memorial in the Eos Sector of Tharsis

The arrival of the Earth Defence Force on Mars, the victory of the Red Faction and the First Martian Revolution on whole, forever changed the future and destiny of the red planet.[2][4]

It ushers in a new government on Mars, the Martian Council, who were beholden to their homeworld and will last for half-a-century of peace, initially at least.[2][4]

It will change the very face of Mars, with the EDF's terraforming initiative and result in the sectors of Tharsis being what they were - Tharsis dotted with tributes and monuments to their saviour, from the Harrington Memorial Bridge in the distant Badlands to the EDF War Memorial in northern Eos.[2][4]

It also changes the people of Mars. It forces the Ultor scientists to leave civilised society and form the Marauders to safeguard their research and their freedom.[2]