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A view of the EDF War Memorial in Council Square.

Region Tharsis
Landmarks Monuments:

Government Buildings:


Public Areas:

Inhabitants Earth Defence Force (ousted), Colonists / Red Faction

Eos is the capital of Mars, founded after the First Martian Revolution, and the most technologically advanced and wealthiest sector of Tharsis during the reign of the Earth Defence Force. It was also the powerbase of the EDF for almost fifty years until the Second Martian Revolution when the Red Faction pushed them out.[1][2]

It then became the capital of the Red Faction state.[3]


The sector is named after the mysterious revolutionary who went by the alias, Eos. She founded the Red Faction and instigated revolt against the Ultor Corporation in the First Martian Revolution.[4][1]

During the era of EDF control, the city sector is dotted with numerous monuments and memorials including the Eos Memorial Bridge and the EDF War Memorial. Although the Martian state technically had its own independent government for the half-century between the revolutions, the Martian Council based at Hendrix Hall, this is merely a puppet government and, by the regimes downfall, the real power lay in the hands of General Bertram Roth in the EDF Central Command in the north of the sector.[1]

The sector also plays host to the Voice of Mars, the EDFs broadcasting service which aired across the whole of Tharsis and often spouted blatant propaganda for the regime.[1]

After the fall of the EDF, it becomes the home to the miner state.[3]

In 2150, Eos becomes a major hit for the Seventh-Class Droughtnight during the White Faction Crisis. Where thousands of civilian die after it rail gun struck at the sector. The sector is barely recovered until Cultist War in 2170 where it's abandoned after the Terraformer is destroyed and rest of them moved to Bastion.

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Architecture & Geography[]

The architecture of the Eos sector generally includes sleek, towering blue and white buildings with broad public spaces and plazas.[1]

To the southern border of the sector lay the Free Fire Zone, part of an ineffectual attempt by the EDF to stop the spread of the second Red Faction uprising, within the sector of Parker as well as the larger Dust Sector. The eastern border is occupied by Oasis whilst Mount Vogel lay to the north.[1]