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Eos was the capital of Mars, and the most technologically advanced and wealthiest sector of Tharsis during the reign of the Earth Defense Force. It was also the powerbase of the EDF for almost fifty years until the Second Martian Revolution when the Red Faction pushed them out.[1][2]

It then became the capital of the Red Faction state.[3]


Originally founded in 2070,[4] Eos was the staging ground for EDF operations. After the First Martian Revolution, it was named in honor of Eos, leader of the Red Faction, who led the revolt against the Ultor Corporation.[5][1]

Under EDF control it prospered, referred to as "The Crown Jewel of Mars and proud city of the Earth Defence Force". It is home to monuments and memorials including the Eos Memorial Bridge and the EDF War Memorial. It also houses Hendrix Hall, the seat of the Martian Council, the local government subordinated to the EDF and the Earth Defense Council and its Martian commanders at the EDF Central Command in the north of the sector.[1]

Near Hendrix Hall is the headquarters of the EDF News Network division for Mars. Commonly referred to as the Voice of Mars, the EDF's news network reaches the whole of Tharsis through a network of robust kiosks and broadcast stations, used to maintain the EDF's public image and slander the Red Faction (in stark contrast with the consistently factual coverage of Earth News).[1]

After the fall of the EDF, Eos became the capital of miner state.[3] In 2150, Eos became a prime target for the Severus-Class Dreadnaught, built during the White Faction Crisis. Due to an attack caused by the Dreadnaughts rail-guns striking the sector, thousands of civilian casualties nearly left Eos uninhabitable. In conjunction with the Cultist War in 2170 leading to the destruction of the Bakhuysen Terraformer, Eos was completely abandoned, forcing its inhabitants to move into Bastion.


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Architecture and geography[]

The architecture of the Eos sector generally includes sleek, towering blue and white buildings with broad public spaces and plazas.[1]

To the southern border of the sector lay the Free Fire Zone, part of an ineffectual attempt by the EDF to stop the spread of the second Red Faction uprising, within the sector of Parker as well as the larger Dust Sector. The eastern border is occupied by Oasis whilst Mount Vogel lay to the north.[1]