Red Faction Wiki
Born Earth
Affiliation Red Faction
Appears in Red Faction
Voiced by Susan Messing

Eos is the tritagonist of Red Faction and the leader and founder of the Red Faction in 2075. Due to her acts against the Ultor Corporation, a sector in the Tharsis region is named after her.


As being one of the most respected miners on Mars, it is thought that she works as a Foreman, working with the other miners including Parker. Eos is one of the first hit by the plague released by Axel Capek. At one point in the course of the game Eos is seen without her face shield and it is revealed that she is disfigured on that side of her face. However after the final battle and disarming of the bomb, she is located tied to the device and she has no scars. Parker even goes so far as to a point where he gets close to her face and gets a awkward reaction from her.


  • "Miners from M4 have started the rebellion. They're fighting and dying for you as I speak!"
  • "Parker, do you have Gryphon yet?"
  • "We need that antidote Parker! If you're not gonna help, shut up!
  • "The plague will be history by tommorow."
  • "You're a hero, Parker. Relax, enjoy yourself, start dating. Maybe look for a new job."
  • "Capek, give us the antidote for the plague, and we'll let you live!"
  • "Parker... Hendrix... base overrun... fighting retreat.. falling apart..."
  • "If that defense system is still working when the EDF shows up, they'll get blown out of the sky."
  • "Parker, you're not far from Ultor's science and medical labs."