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Envirosuits are specialized suits, mostly issued by the Ultor Corporation, necessary to venture out into caves without life support, underwater or on the surface of Mars.

These suits become redundant when the Earth Defence Force arrives on the red planet, finishing off Ultor in the First Martian Revolution.[1] The EDF begin their terraforming initiative and construct the Terraformer, allowing colonists to breath and live on the Martian surface. However, many colonists had kept them as a reminder to honor those that had sacrificed themselves for freedom.[2]

Miner EnviroSuit[]

The miner environment suit is issued to all miners employed by the Ultor Corporation. These suits are colored in red and has two oxygen tanks in the back. These suits provide good protection against numerous hazards and can be used in underwater areas as well. However, the miner Envirosuit's major flaw that it's offers very little protection against bullets and due to it's red color it is easy to spot in urban environments.

Guard EnviroSuit[]

The guard environment suit is issued to all security guards employed by the Ultor Corporation. These suits are issued to guards who worked in the mines or on the surface. Guard suits are colored in blue and similar to the miner suit has two oxygen tank in the back covered with light armor. These suits provide the same amount of resistance against hazards like the miner suit, but offers much higher resistance against bullets. 

Technician/Hazard EnviroSuit[]

The technician suit is issued to non-miner, nor-guard personnel employed by the Ultor Corporation. The technician suit is colored in gray and similiar to the miner suit when it comes to protection. It's also has a different helmet and the suit itself is a bit different that the other suits. The hazard suit is almost the exacly the same as the technician suit only differences that is colored in yellow and is mostly used in hazardous and infectious environments.