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EDF War Memorial
Location Eos, Tharsis, Mars
Function Monument, Public Work
Builders Earth Defence Force

The EDF War Memorial in Eos was built in honour of the soldiers of the Earth Defence Force who died fighting the Ultor Corporation in the First Martian Revolution of 2075 A.D. Engraved upon it was a quote from General Bryan L.E. Adams, the commander of EDF forces during the hostilities.

The War Memorial was destroyed half-a-century after the conflict by a group of Red Faction guerrillas lead by mining demolition expert Alec Mason in the Battle of Eos during the Second Martian Revolution after the EDF turn the entire Mars into a totalitarian state for the benefit for Earth. When the resources becoming very limited for the green planet.

During the reign of the Martian Council on Mars, the region of Tharsis was dotted with many such monuments and tributes to their backers including the Harrington Memorial Bridge, Eos Memorial Bridge and commemorative structures like those erected at the Utopia Planitia Plaza and the Xeros Gardens.