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EDF Super Gauss
Faction Earth Defense Force
Type Super-Heavy Assault Rifle

The Super Gauss Rifle is a weapon used by the Earth Defense Force during the Battle of Mariner Valley. It is nearly identical to the EDF Gauss Rifle in terms of operation, but instead of firing a single projectile it fires three at a time - sacrificing accuracy at range for power at close range. As a result it is very powerful and can blow a hole in a wall with only one shot.

During the course of the battle, Samanya gets her hands on one and uses it back against the EDF.

A very similar mounted weapon is also found in the original Red Faction game, but is incredibly rare and is only in few locations. One is located at the Free Fire Zone base, but has a terrible arc of fire and can only hit a few barrels. Another is near a reactor base in Oasis in a bunker and will fire on incoming cars which have to zig-zag to avoid barricades. The cannons here can be a useful way to destroy any incoming cars/APCs/Flyers/Troops as it is very powerful and has a amazing range.