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EDF Sniper Rifle
RFG sniperrifle.jpg
Faction Earth Defence Force
Type Sniper Rifle
Special Long Range, High-power scope

The EDF Sniper Rifle is the standard-issue sniper utilized by Earth Defence Force troops in the field of combat around the time of the Second Martian Revolution.


Its powerful scope allows accuracy at unparalleled range, though the weapons usefulness is diminished by the EDF Rail Driver which, though rarely issued, also has a long range and accuracy whilst also allowing the wielder to fire, and see, through walls and vehicles. The Sniper Rifle also has less ammo than its more high-tech cousin, though its much more easy to scavenge.

It also becomes more and more frequently scavenged and wielded by Red Faction insurgents than EDF towards the end of the conflict, which given its superior ammo and capabilities would have presented a problem for them.


  • The first two missions in Eos that players have access to feature the Sniper Rifle in some way. During the mission in which players have to assassinate several leaders of industry, the Sniper Rifle presents itself as a weapon of choice. As well, when the sector is in lockdown, enemy snipers- elite white-armored troopers with Sniper Rifles- must be eliminated before too many civilians are killed.
  • If Oasis is liberated before the Badlands, it is possible for EDF snipers to appear in the latter sector. This allows players to obtain the Sniper Rifle for use in the Badlands. It is very effective in the liberation mission, allowing the player to retain their stealth.
  • This weapon is almost always used by EDF Specialist.
  • the EDF sniper rifle is heavily influenced by the Dragunov SVD and PSG-1 rifles


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