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Singularity Bomb
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Faction Earth Defence Force

The Singularity Bomb is a high tech piece of equipment used by the Earth Defence Force during the Second Martian Revolution.


When set off, Singularity bombs summon up a fearsome micro-singularity which sucks in nearby structures and people crushing them into super dense matter, before exploding and disappearing. It was only ever issued to EDF specialists or protected within EDF bases.

Prior to explosion, Singularity bombs make a loud set of beeps to warn about the impending danger. If shot during this time the singularity does not occur but instead a very large explosion. Use this to your advantage as many EDF soldiers will attempt to flee and needs to be timed right.

After the fall of the EDF, the Marauders developed the Singularity Cannon based on their implosion schematic design.


  • Singularity bombs cannot be stored in Safehouses. This may be due to the devastation and power of the singularity bombs, which would be unbalancing if they could be stored. 
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