The EDF News Network is a television news service run by the Earth Defense Force. Frames of this news channel appear in loading screens for Red Faction: Guerrilla, as well as in-game on propaganda billboards that show a broadcast about Alec Mason being wanted for terrorist activity. Given its association with the EDF, the network's news is likely heavily biased towards the EDF and contains propaganda meant to make the EDF look good.

Besides Alec Mason's activities on Mars, the network has also reported on events such as the Hydra being used to vaporize targets who belong to a rebel group in Kazakhstan, and a human rights watchdog group accusing the EDF of torture (which the EDF disputes). Stock prices for various corporations and groups on Earth are also shown on a ticker along the bottom of the screen.

It is likely that the EDF News Network is affiliated with the Voice of Mars broadcasting service, given that both report news and one of the loading screens for the EDF News Network bears the words "Voice of Mars" next to the logo. The EDF News Network's graphic style and layout appears to be somewhat based on the Fox News Channel.

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