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The EDF Medium Tank is a specialized fast-response armor asset, featuring an impressive top speed and quick reload time for its main cannon. It is more commonly deployed than the EDF Main Battle Tank, due to its ability to reach a crisis situation quickly.


The EDF Medium Tank is equipped with a 85mm cannon and a turret-mounted machine gun. The 85mm cannon has a very fast reload time in comparison to its heavier cousin, the EDF Main Battle Tank. Despite being a lower caliber than the cannon mounted on the Main Battle Tank, the 85mm still packs a strong punch, being able to cripple most vehicles with ease and can topple buildings quickly with sustained fire.

The machine gun is effective in close quarters for picking off individual soldiers or damaging vehicles and soldiers in civilian areas without significant collateral damage to buildings and the population. The tank reloads quickly enough that it is not necessary to fire a burst while the tank is reloading.


The Medium Tank is only moderately armored, but still retains a large degree of damage resistance. It will withstand a few direct rocket or tank cannon attacks, and will resist about 10 or so shots from the Nano Rifle. The tank is still very resistant to small arms fire, though mounted Gauss Turrets are a noticeable threat. The tank can crush some small cars, and will crash through a few buildings/walls before sustaining a significant amount of damage.


All heavy armor vehicles including the EDF Medium Tank, EDF Main Battle Tank and EDF Mobile Rocket Artillery will not appear at a Safehouse after loading a game saved while it is in your possession, nor will they be transported along with the player when performing a fast travel to a Safehouse using Guerrilla Express. In both instances, the vehicle will be lost.

Though it is not possible to restore a heavy vehicle's hitpoints using a save/load or fast travel, an alternative method can still be used. The player can drive the damaged vehicle to the nearest Demolition Master location, starting the action and then exiting it (either by completing it, or cancelling it by leaving the area for 5 seconds). Upon exiting the Demolition Master action, the vehicle will be parked nearby in pristine condition, with full hitpoints.


  • Appears at Red Alert all over Tharsis. Note it will not appear until the player has destroyed enough enemy EDF Flyers.
  • Spawns in the Badlands Base parked in front of the EDF Garages. Additionally, once the player has liberated the Badlands and the EDF Garage has not been destroyed, they can go grab a Medium Tank whenever they want without resistance.


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