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EDF Enforcer
RFG enforcer.jpg
Faction Earth Defence Force
Type Specialised Assault Rifle
Power Low-Medium
Range Medium-High
Rate of Fire Medium
Special Heat-seeking Bullets

The EDF Enforcer is an advanced assault rifle issued to soldiers of the Earth Defence Force during the Second Martian Revolution which uses heat-seeking ammo for superior accuracy. Although not quite as hard-hitting as the standard EDF Assault Rifle, the Enforcer allows for much better targeting on the move without any loss in accuracy, allowing the user far greater mobility on the battlefield. With the addition of notably low recoil compared with its contemporaries, the weapon can prove formidable.Its hande is similar to that of the Nexter Systems(Formerly GIAT Industries) FAMAS and Norinco rifles. The weapon seems to resemble the H&K G36 and SL8 while the magazine seems to be similar to the Izmash PP-19 Bizon, KBP Insturment Design Bureau PP90M1 and the SRM ARMS Model 1216.


The EDF Enforcer is first encountered in the late stages of dust where it replaces the EDF Assault Rifle for some of the EDF Troopers. The weapon has several advantages over the Assault Rifle. First, its Heat-Seeking Bullets make it much more accurate than the EDF Assault Rifle, preserving ammo and allowing Mason to last longer before having to restock. Second, its lower rate of fire further conserves ammo, with a skilled player being able to kill a trooper and switch to a new target before the next shot. Its superior accuracy and ability to hit ranged targets makes it a good choice for those who play at further ranges. However the EDF Assault Rifle is much better at closer ranges and its stopping power is much better. Due to the nature of the body-tracking ammunition the Enforcer fires, it is difficult to score a headshot at any range, as the bullets will aim for the center of mass I.E. Chest.

the aim correction drops off at long range while moving, so its usage as a mobility weapon is best limited to medium range.


  • The position of the magazine in relation to the receiver means this weapon must have an internal magnitude and lifter, explaining the reduced fire rate and higher overall ammo count. this also means that it would have a higher chance of jamming and would make cleaning a nightmare in real life.
  • In Red Faction: Armageddon the Enforcer is unlocked once the player beaten the story mode. It is usable in New Game+.


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