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The Earth Defence Force Armoured Personnel Carrier (simply known as EDF APC) is a formidable six-wheeled APC, used frequently during the EDF's deployment on Mars.


The vehicles are capable of carrying EDF troops into battle, and sometimes come equipped with a pintle-mounted weapon on the roof cupola with the same weapons that appear on EDF Scout and Staff Cars - either a Machine Gun or Gauss Turret. In Mariner Valley, there are APCs armed with a missile turret.

The APC is possibly based on a 21-century Patria AMV 6x6, with some alterations to features like the lights and hull details.

Armoured Personnel Carriers often appear after the fighting has broken out, bringing more troops to the scene, usually carrying five to eight EDF troopers. Due to their armour, transport capacity, good top speed, and their mounted heavy weapon, EDF Armoured Personnel Carriers are often a good choice for rescuing hostages from house arrest situations or bringing Guerrillas to a Raid. There are a number of access points on the vehicle, including the driver's roof hatch, a second roof hatch with the pintle weapon mount and a large access ramp at the rear that allows multiple occupants to rapidly embark or disembark from the troop compartment.


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