Red Faction Wiki
Ultor Driller
Faction Ultor Corporation
Type Driller
Purpose Tunneling
Location Mars

The Driller is a vehicle that appears in the first Red Faction. It only shows up in the second level of the Mine-M4. 


The vehicle appears as a tank, which is technically a tunnel boring machine. it Features 2 drills to make tunnels on almost everything, except for hard steel that makes up the doors of the mine shaft. An advantage of this is, unlike armed vehicles, it has almost infinite uses until it requires maintenance making it unusable for tunneling. However, to make an efficient way to kill enemies, is to drive through them.

Entering it you can see a green monitor, which is a night-vision camera to see in the dark, along with the drills on the sides of the monitor. On the top-left there is a Driller's HP and when you click the secondary mouse button, it changes the camera view from left-right sides and backwards. However every once in a while you need to give it another drill bit.