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Destruction of Cultists Relay Station
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Frank after the end of briefing with Darius

Sides Red Faction
Leaders Cultists:
Location Mars, Outland
Outcome Red Faction Victory
  • Relay Station Destroyed
  • Cultists Forces disarray
  • Delaying of assault of Red Faction Bases until in the morning.

Destruction of Cultists Relay Station , It is a special stealth operation by the Red Faction in the Plague Armageddon lead by Frank asking Darius to destroying all the Sensor Towers before, so they can secretly launch a assault against the Red Faction. Eventually, Darius successfully destroys the Sensor Towers for the delay of the assault until in the morning.


After successfully, repelling the ambush by the plague, The Red Faction head to their secret base. Frank instructs Darius and now believes that Adam Hale is still alive as his forces in outland building the Relay Station for the upcoming assault on Red Faction. As Darius takes part of it destroying all of the towers one after another. Before, they can launch secret attack on their bases without noticed.


Frank asks Darius to come back and take a rest until to morning. When the alarm sounds, an unknown Scout Walker approaches. It's revealing that Kara's riding it and to aids the Red Faction. However, It draws attention to the Cultists wanting for vengeance after Darius destroyed their Relay Stations. Thus, the Battle of Bradbury Canyon Begins.