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Demolition Masters is a Guerrilla Action featured in Red Faction: Guerrilla.


The icon of the Demolition Masters.

The demolition masters side missions will test your demolition skills.These challanges are scattered all around the map. They are marked on the player's map with a small green explosion icon. The player has to destroy a set number of structures within a time limit with a provided weapon/tool. Once the building's structure reach the critical level the challange is complete. The difficulty of these challanges are various. Once the challange is complete the player is rewarded with salvage. The amount of salvage is rewarded depends on the amount of time the player has taken to complete the challange. The challanges can be replayed at any time and will not disappear once it's completed or the sector is liberated.

The demolition master challange can be failed if:

  • The player run out of time
  • The player dies
  • The player leaves the designated challange area and does not return within 5 seconds
  • The player runs out of ammo