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Battle of Bastion
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Red Faction escorting the civilian through the rail to retreat from overwhelming Plague attack'

Sides Red Faction
The Plague
Leaders The Plague:
Location Bastion, Mars
Outcome The Plague successfully infested the entire city and start of the genocide city population
  • Red Faction failed to defend the city and escape to the surface leaving the colonist to fend off themselves
  • Plague spreading from here to the Marauders areas
  • Kara & Darius Mason escape to the surface

Defense of Bastion, is the start of the Plague Armageddon event. When Darius on to the mission for the unknown personality to earn for his own living.

Breaking the seal[]

As Darius have reach to the ancient temple with the Mining Exo helped by those engineer to lift it down to the pit to destroy those seal from the Temple founded by Axel Capek. After destroying it, he requested to help him out to lift it down once more. Afterwards as it detected many of the unknown life-from inside as he argued the men to lift him back only to be discover that those men are actually Adam Hale and Cultists as he congratulate him to remove to start a something that will bring the entire red planet for a complete domination. Later he is fall into the deep below inside of three days without returning back to the cities to warn them as other Red Faction units ready to fend off, one of the most destructive outbreak of whole time. As Darius make back to the city, he discovering some of them are fleeing as well and helping alone to evacuating other survivor and retreating back to the main city as outskirts is already destroyed and infested. When Darius returning back, he help along some of the defense and repairing the Water to hold on. But right after, the sergeant ask him to go the Purification Plant is where everything turn bad to worse as he wondering off and reach to the plant, when the sergeant ask him to returning back when Wraith was intervened and block the transmission.

Red Faction downfall[]

When he returning back after destroying the structures that infested, he is now branded as traitor after failing to protect the city again after just like he did to the terraformer. He was escaping through the Waste Processing below as McMohan is shooting him as his bullet hit the container and explode. Darius have no choice have to find another way to go through the and get into surface as he encounter more of the plague and colonist hunting him. As he been through after awhile, his S.A.M. pick Kara transmission up and joking about inviting friend, asking him that he release the plague from the old temple as he hurry up going through and reunion with Kara broad an elevator to the surface as colonist right on time, but watch in horror as being slaughter by the Aliens after, they go up to the surface.


Bastion ultimate fate is unknown as it is probably rebuilding after the Plague is perished from the Terraformer or it have already become a ruins and left abandoned. While, rest of the survivors are only Red Faction and Marauders left now.