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Administrator Davis
Davis RF1.JPG
Died 2075 (Player's choice)
Affiliation Ultor Corporation
Appears in Red Faction

Administrator Davis was the admistrator for the Ultor Corporation on Mars during the time of the First Martian Revolution.


Davis was the administrator working for the Ultor Corporation during the First Martian Revolution. His office is located on the 3rd floor of the Ultor Office Complex opposite to Richard Gryphon's office.

Gryphon on his arrival to Mars asked Davis about the miner population problem, but Davis told him to leave it alone. Gryphon describes him as a "burned-out shell of an old man", probably due to the stress of knowing how the head of Ultor's SciLabs, Axel Capek, has been involved with the plague.


  • Davis is available in multiplayer as a playable character. (Not in the PS2 version)
  • His model was re-used for the Hospital Manager later in the game.
  • Upon entering his office, Davis always runs to activate an alarm button. He can either be spared or can be killed, without any penalty for killing him.