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Daniel Mason
Died 2125
Parker, Tharsis, Mars
Affiliation Red Faction
Voiced by Liam O'Brien

"Like I was saying, the sooner we get the work, the sooner we get paid."

--Daniel Mason to his brother.

Daniel "Dan" Mason (died 2125) is a member of the Red Faction during the Second Martian Revolution. He is the brother of Alec Mason, who would lead the Red Faction to victory later during the Revolution.


Move to Mars[]

Dan comes to Mars where he finds out about the cruelty of the EDF, causing him to join the Red Faction as a demolitions expert.[1] However, at one point he is arrested and taken to an EDF prison in Mariner Valley. Not too long afterwards, both he and the Red Faction leader Hugo Davies are freed from their cells by Samanya, a rebellious Marauder who wishes for the miners to be free of the EDF oppressors.[2]


After Dan become's a high ranking member of the Red Faction, Alec decides to move to Mars in 2125 and join his brother. Dan comes to pick Alec up from the airfield, and upon driving to his quarters, reveals that the EDF are cruel to the miners much like the Ultor Corporation was years before. Dan continues onward to show Alec, amazed by Dan's devotion to the Red Faction, how to destroy buildings and collect salvage.[1]

While Dan watches from atop a hill, Alec destroys an old run down building using a sledgehammer and remote charges given to him by his brother. However, as Alec walks up the hill, Dan is spotted by an EDF gunship and is quickly shot to death.[1]


  • If you kill Dan during the beginning of the game, an easter egg pops up saying "WTF!?? YOU KILLED YOUR BROTHER!!!"