The Colonial Transit Authority, or the CTA, is a large company mainly dealing in urban developement and waste disposal. The CTA owns a range of standard buggies and trucks, but they specialize in service vehicles such as garbage trucks, ambulances, and taxis. Despite being the third largest corporation on Mars, the CTA is not as large or powerful as Amrukuo or Kuroari, nor are they competing with them, having essentially cornered the market in specific, smaller areas. The vehicles owned and operated by the Colonial Transit Authority sport a blue and white paint job with a registration number. Their logo is a rounded triangle with a circle in the middle. During the Uprising their stock was worth 19.48 credits, down by 1.34%.

Operations on Mars[edit | edit source]

Dust[edit | edit source]

The Colonial Transit Authority has numerous trucking and logistical contracts with other major corporations in Dust. They own many vehicles registered in the Sector.

Oasis[edit | edit source]

Oasis is the core of operations for the Colonial Transit Authority. The CTA operates a Waste Disposal Center in the Industrial Park that utilizes six smokestacks and provides garbage collection services for the Sector. The CTA also owns some facilities in the sector where they manufacture Martian vehicles.

Eos[edit | edit source]

CTA operates a civilian bus and taxi transportation service in EOS that competes with JMI and Kuroari's service. They also provide garbage collection for the Sector. Their main offices are located here.

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