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The Civilian Truck is a vehicle used by the colonists of Mars around the time of the Second Martian Revolution.


It has a cabin at the front, capable of housing two people, and a rear section which can house additional people. There is also an altered version of the truck with a redesigned rear used for garbage collection which can not fit people in the back. The variant is sometimes used by the Red Faction and modified with a single forward rocket launcher.

Overall design is based on the Russian military MAZ family of trucks.


The Civilian Truck is often used by players as a destructive vehicle. It's weight, strength and speed allow it to plow through most buildings without taking too much damage, and it is not so slow that it takes too long to get anywhere. if stopped on a slope and launched using the handbrake, the vehicle will enter a low gear perfect for climbing. this isnt very useful in combat but is great for accessing vantage points for sniping and surprise attacks. it is also the fastest large vehicle in the game.